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A Study to the Conversion Options
For Two Oil Fired (Thermal) Power Stations
to Coal Firing Using Modern Clean Coal Combustion Technologies

In many parts of Asia exist operating oil fired thermal power stations, that were designed, built and commissioned before the Oil Shocks of the early 1970's. These stations fire oil directly into the combustion chambers of boilers to raise steam for power generation. They are characterised by very low thermal efficiencies, and a lack of environmental safeguards.
Two such units, Sucat Thermal, 850 MWe, and Bataan Thermal, 225 MWe, are part of the Manila power supply system. M.E.T.T.S. has carried out a technical investigation of both plants, and has found that their to coal firing using modern, clean coal combustion technologies is both feasible and economically sound.
The status of Sucat and Bataan Thermal, is that hey are facing decommissioning, as in accordance with the present Philippine Power Development Program. M.E.T.T.S. recommends that the Program be modified, to allow for the retention of the plants, and for their continued use as base load facilities after conversion, after say 2003/4.
In the attached article are some of the Diagrams, Tables and Figures that M.E.T.T.S. has developed for the project.

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